Explore sustainable self-care

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Natural Skincare

Simple yet luxurious formulations for clean, green and glowing skin.

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Fabric Accessories

Sustainable fabric products to complement your daily routine.


Personal Care

Skin-loving and planet-friendly bar soaps and hair care essentials.


Self-care Scents

Aromatherapeutic fragrance products for moments of self-care.


Scintilla's Principles

Our name is inspired by a Roman matriarch, a mother-figure and Earth-lover. We strive to learn from the history of natural ingredients.

We believe skincare is more than the products you dutifully apply. Skincare isn't vanity, it's an investment in your overall well-being. 

Our business operates with sustainability at its heart. One of our key goals is to make positive change to the sustainability of the skincare and beauty sectors. 

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