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One of our key goals at Scintilla is to make skincare more sustainable, and with that, sustainable skincare more affordable and accessible to everyone.

With so much damage already done to our planet, particularly by business, we wanted to make sure that our products don’t only look after you, but our planet too. 


Sustainability: defined

Sustainability at Scintilla means:

  • It means preserving the environment and biodiversity throughout the sourcing, production and end of life of a product;

  • It means protecting and enhancing the livelihoods of people and communities involved in the production of a product;

  • It means using only limited resources for packaging and using materials that can be recycled, reused and repurposed;

  • It means operating with as little a carbon footprint as possible, offsetting our emissions and continually work to reduce them.

Sustainability: embedded

Sustainability is not just a part of what we do at Scintilla, it is the reason we started. We found ourselves consumers in an industry that wasn’t working hard enough to be sustainable, and to provide sustainable options for consumers.


Having said this, no-one is perfect and there are always improvements to be made and that’s why we have instilled transparency into our brand. Knowledge is power and we want to arm you, as consumers using your purchases to vote for better, with as much honest and true knowledge as we can to help you cast that vote confidently.


key actions

1. Products​

All of our products contain only natural ingredients that are sustainably and ethically sourced. This covers everything from buying sustainably cultivated essential oils and raw ingredients to using ethically made or waste fabrics and packaging them in recycled and recyclable containers.

2. Packaging​

The containers used in our products are all recycled or recyclable. With regards to packaging, we wrap all your parcels up as minimally as possible, but we also want to keep your items safe in transit so we use recycled and re-used paper to cushion them. ​

3. Delivery

We do an annual carbon footprint calculation to offset our company operations. We make all of our deliveries carbon neutral. 


We also strive towards contributing to the UN Global Compact’s Sustainable Development Goals. These 17 goals have a complex set of targets and indicators, which have very specific requirements to claim full achievement, some of which as a small business can be difficult. However, for us this means we do what we can to achieve as much as possible. So far, we are striving to contribute to 4 of the 17 goals: 

Responsible Consumption and Production (Goal 12), Climate Action (Goal 13), Life Below Water (Goal 14), and Life on Land (Goal 15).


By supporting our charity partners, we also indirectly support work that aims to achieve the sustainable development goals. SEED Madagascar align all of their projects to the SDGs, contributing to the goals on an international level by working with some of the communities and environments that are most susceptible to global change.

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