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Our Evolution

Evolution is a natural process, and we've been going through some changes.
When most people start a small business, it's often a passion project and you sometimes don't dare to hope that it will become something "real". It means that whilst the core of your business 'Why' may remain the same, your mindset, goals and knowledge all change as you progress. As a result of that change, we've been re-evaluating what our brand is all about.

We started life as Conscious House London in 2018, and we started with the goal of using our business to make positive change in the skincare sector, but since our inception our knowledge has grown, we have chased new goals for both our product formulation, and sustainability, and we've outgrown the place we started from. 

We changed our name to Scintilla, pronounced [skin-til-uh], in April 2021. The name is inspired by a Roman matriarch, a mother figure and Earth-lover. Historically, in the western world, Roman women were among the first to manipulate natural ingredients for the benefit of their skin and appearance. We strive to learn from the history of natural ingredients in order to optimise the benefits of nature whilst also conserving it. We believe that people and planet are interconnected and that maintaining the connection in our daily lives will lead to a more conscious relationship with our world.

In English, the word scintilla is defined as “a tiny trace or spark of something” and this too really resonates with the company’s mission. Our goal is to leave only the tiniest trace of a footprint from our ingredients, our products and our company operations. When using our products, we’ve optimised the best ingredients so that you only need to use a small amount, and we’ve simplified our formulations to make sure that we’re only using what we need - no more, no less.

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