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Our beliefs distilled

At Scintilla, we believe skincare is more than just the products you dutifully apply.
We believe that it is not a sign of vanity to enjoy skincare and that it is about much more than just beauty, it is an investment in your overall well-being. We’re sure you’ve heard a thousand times that the skin is the biggest organ of the body so you must take care of it, and thus be cautious of what you apply to it. This isn't mythology. This is why we set about creating simple, natural formulations that are delightful to use.

We want you to change the way you look at yourself, and the way you think about your skin. We want to cancel the battle we learn early on that it's us vs. our skin, we're always fighting off flare ups or spots. There's no room for hating on spots and blemishes here, we want you to expand your mindset to see skincare as self-care, and to see that by including an element of sustainability to your self-care, you can take care of you and the planet at the same time.

In a sector notorious for plastic packaging and ingredients with curiously long scientific-looking names, Scintilla aims to be a brand that goes beyond retail and is more like a vehicle for change. As individuals it can be hard to feel that your sustainable swaps are making a difference, so we want to use the power of business to amplify the conscious decisions you make: by doing the hard work for you, by choosing the most sustainable ingredients, packaging and logistics, and by donating some of our hard earned profit to incredible charities. This enables you to have a widespread impact by simply selecting a skincare product. Go you!

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