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4 Reasons To Make Your Bathroom Pretty

Bathrooms can be some of the grottiest places we visit, and whether it’s because we’ve seen a fair few nasty ones in our time, or whether it’s because we’re turning into actual adults, but the appreciation for a nice bathroom is pretty high up there on the things we aspire to these days (we even dedicate boards on Pinterest to this stuff).

So although, quite bluntly, it’s where we pee and poop, it’s also where we wash, shower, cleanse and pamper. Here’s 4 very important reasons why creating the right the vibe in your bathroom should be a priority:

1. It’s where you start and finish the day.

You wake up, go to the toilet, wash your hands, your face and take a shower. You brush your teeth and hair, apply make-up, and take one last glance at the mirror in there before you leave the house for work. Before bed you do pretty much the same – go to the loo, take your make up off, wash your face, brush your teeth and hair before flopping into the sheets feeling lovely and clean,

2. It’s a good place to chill and unwind.

A hot steaming shower or a deep bubbly bath can be a craved refuge after a long day or time away from home. It’s a place we relax in peace and I tell you, the more plants you got in there the better. If it’s a nice light room, as it’s often steamy, lots of plants will love it in there. Create your own jungle, it’ll keep both you and your plants happy.

3. It’s cheap to be fancy.

A few simple touches like bringing in small plants and some matching towels can uplift your bathroom really easily. You don’t have to consider huge pieces of furniture like sofas, coffee tables and armchairs like you do in the living room or bedroom so those small changes will make a big difference here.

4. It’s judgement free – and should stay that way.

Here you can be totally naked and totally comfortable. There’s no-one there to judge you, it’s just you, doing whatever the hell you want. Getting those rogue eyebrow hairs, shaving your legs, standing on the scales (not recommended), or dancing around - it’s just you babe.

So today’s top tip: stop thinking about your bathroom as a practical space and start embracing it as your well-being sanctuary. Go get some baby cacti and a bamboo bath mat!


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