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An Ethical Home - what makes you feel good?

What is it about your house that makes it your home? It’s not just those four walls surrounding your space that you love is it? It’s the décor and comforts you fill it with, the memories you make there and the people you welcome.

Everything, and everyone you bring into your home will have an impact on the space, and in turn your space will have an impact on them. Just last night a friend of mine asked about my soap dish. My SOAP DISH of all things. In fact, it’s a really nice soap dish; it’s made of coconut hair, it soaks up all the water and suds that have dripped off my handmade bar soap, it dries super quick, and most importantly is 100% natural, biodegradable and waste-free. Which to me, makes it pretty great.

So why is having ethical, sustainable, natural items in the home important?

First and foremost when ethical, handmade or small business items are brought into the home you almost always know where they came from, who made them and how. Knowing the story behind your products gives them a special feel and a little more meaning that something ordinary and often cheap does. Knowing the origin of your pieces and that you have supported an important cause or small business in purchasing them gives a sense of fulfilment which has a knock-on effect on how you feel at home. I recently purchased two handmade wire reindeer ornaments from Nkuku for festively decorating our bedroom windowsill and every time I see them they make me smile.

Secondly, having something that was made with care, by someone who truly loves their creations can save you money. It’ll often last much longer and, if you’ve purchased with thought these pieces become transitional between different rooms or even different houses you live in. Having something unique helps make your home exactly that, your home.

Thirdly, these purchases make you influential on how people treat the planet. When you have a friend or family member over they’ll notice your décor, home accessories and bathroom products, if they like them (which if you chose them, I’m sure they will) they’ll ask where they’re from and this gives you a chance to spread the word on eco and sustainable products. This is hugely important as there’s a common misconception that eco or sustainable products are not as aesthetically-pleasing as high street or department store bought pieces.

Lastly, your purchase of ethical, natural and sustainable products increases the demand for such things. Brands that operate in this way are crucial for changing the sustainability of retail and consumer behaviour in general. Going for products that are made with natural materials like wooden shelving, soft furnishings made with organic cotton or hemp, OR even coconut hair soap dishes give your home a more green and natural feel by avoiding plastics, synthetics and chemicals. Purchasing these products encourages the growth of businesses who care for the environment (and you) and through this will help others find natural and sustainable alternatives more readily available.

So tell us, do you have some favourite handmade, ethical, natural or sustainable pieces in your home? What is it about them that you love?


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