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DIY Body Moisturiser

Finding natural skincare can be a bit of a drag, and often when you do find the natural skincare sections of your local Boots or Superdrug the price can be surprisingly off-putting.

So, throughout our recipe series, we aim to arm you with the knowledge to have a go at making some super simple formulations at home, for a fraction of the price you'd pay in store. We're kicking off with a body moisturiser as most of you will use it on the daily and it's a really simple one to make!


20ml Coconut oil - food grade from the supermarket is perfect

30ml Shea butter (available from Acala)

8ml (approx. 20 drops) Apricot Kernel oil (available from Acala)

5ml (approx. 30 drops) Essential oil of choice: Sweet Orange, Bergamot, Lavender

How to:

○ Scoop the coconut oil and Shea Butter into a bowl and whip with a spoon until they are combined and have a smooth texture

○ Add the Apricot Kernel oil and mix again

○ Add your essential oil, either the 5ml of just one ingredient or a mixed blend (we recommend Orange and Bergamot OR Bergamot and Lavender) and mix until dispersed. You can add a little more of your essential oils if you want a stronger smell but be sure to test a little bit on the back of your hand first as the scent will come out more on skin than from your jar.

○ Scoop the mixture into a jar and pop it in the fridge for a couple of hours to allow it to set.

○ Use daily all over the body for a delicately scented, long-lasting lotion.



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