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DIY Coffee Scrub

There's lots of delicious ingredients that we can find in our own kitchens, and even in our own waste! One great ingredient is coffee. We could argue that coffee grounds are barely used when only making a coffee, those grounds can be used for lots of things post-latte.

In skincare, coffee grounds are a great source of antioxidants so they're great for brightening skin, boosting collagen production and increasing blood flow which in turn promotes healthy cells. Alongside that, the grounds themselves are an excellent exfoliant, not too rough but just rough enough to clear the top layer of skin. So here's a super simple recipe you can make at home to take advantage of your coffee waste:


- Coffee grounds from 1-2 coffees

- 1-2 tablespoons of coconut oil

- Half tablespoon of granulated sugar

How To:

- Mix the sugar into the coconut oil until dispersed

- Add the coffee grounds and mix again

- Scoop onto arms and legs in the bath or shower and gently massage across the skin.

Soak off in warm water and moisturise after ✨


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