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Halloween Face Mask

October is the season of pumpkins, and sadly a lot of pumpkins that go to waste. Carving Jack O'lanterns sees the streets strewn with slightly battered and burnt out skeletons of pumpkins within the space of 48 hours. Technically they're a single-use item and we're not ok with that.

So how can you make better use of pumpkin in your skincare? Read on for a special Halloween facial treat, which when applied could make for a pretty great scary mask...


• Two tablespoons of pumpkin flesh, pureed or mashed

• One tablespoon on Alpro Soy Yoghurt (or other vegan yoghurt alternative)

• One teaspoon of agave nectar

• Half a teaspoon of cinnamon

How to:

• Mix the mashed pumpkin flesh and yoghurt together until completely combined

• Add the honey and cinnamon and mix again

• Apply to the face, taking care to avoid eyes

• Leave for 10-15 minutes and then rinse with a warm wash cloth.


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