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New Year, New You, New Shampoo

Happy New Year! Happy New Decade!

We are thrilled to kick off the very first week of a new year and a new decade with the release of a product we've been working on for many months. The Green Clean Shampoo Melts are here to change the way you wash your hair AND change the impact you have on the environment by doing so.

Made from 100% natural ingredients including a gentle biodegradable surfactant (bubble-maker) and three key plant extracts, Baobab, Hemp and Seaweed these melts are the perfect treat your hair needs, with zero environmental impact. With a waterless formula packed with lots of delicious plant extracts and essential oils each wash will nourish, protect and promote healthy hair growth. We can promise that these mighty melts will leave you feeling clean, soft and shiny, and we'd bet that 99% of you won't need a conditioner...

Even better, each melt is only 3cm x 1.5cm in size and in solid form so not only do they take up little room in your bathroom cupboard, they're also perfect for travelling. No need to worry about your weight or liquid allowance and the conditioning oils in the formula will treat sea-salted hair beautifully.

So how do you use them?

First wet your hair thoroughly and then, shaking most of the moisture off your hands, squeeze the melt until you have a squishy, granular dough. Add a little water to the mixture in your hands and then using your closed fingers and palm, rub in a circular motion across the scalp to start the lather. Dip your head under the water regularly to build up the lather and, if you have long hair, use both hands and rub the hair between your palms to reach the lengths. Rinse, and then brush and dry as you would normally.

It's true, like any alternative to bottled shampoo (which, by the way contains usually at least 40-50% water, how does your purse feel about that?!) you'll need to change your technique to find the best way to spread the lather. Due to the natural surfactant, and the combination of oils and plant proteins in the formula, the lather will froth a little less than typical bottled shampoo - don't worry, after the first wash you'll find the clean is deeper, it just works with less bubble.

Biodegradable ∙ pH neutral ∙ Vegan ∙ Palm-free ∙ Silicone-free ∙ SLS-free ∙

Zero plastic ∙ Pure essential oils


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