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Switching Up Skincare for Autumn

Here's why your routine needs a little editing for this damp and chilly season.

1. Newsflash: cold weather is harsh

Cooler winds whipping about our faces is not just uncomfortable to endure, it's not so kind to our skin either. With the pandemic limiting socialising opportunities right now, it's likely we're going to spend more time on "catch up walks" and outdoor activities to enable us to see our friends and family. Don't get us wrong, being outside is probably better for you than holing up in a pub for several hours, but make sure you've got your skin prepared.

Cold winds strip away moisture and the protective barrier on the surface which makes you prone to sensitivity and irritation. Using a deep-penetrating moisturiser, and even a balmier product on the more affected areas will help maintain that protective layer and block out icy breeze.

2. Central heating dries you out

Kind of like cold wind, but warm, central heating is the enemy of skin when it comes to hydration as a central heating system essentially heats all moisture out of the air leaving everywhere very dry and no moisture for your skin to reign in. In Autumn and Winter it's important to include hydrating products into several steps of your routine from cleanser to day cream, and if you can source a nice thick night cream you're doing even better. This same rule applies to basically all of your body, not just your face; hands especially don't fare so well in this season so be sure to moisturise them often too.

3. It's an opportunity to undo summer damage

The season of pore-clogging sunscreens, sweating under make up and a few too many opportunities for day-time drinking can result in a couple of weeks of uncomfortable adjustment when autumn arrives. There's only so long your skin can hack the onslaught and one of our key skincare tips is to try and slowly adjust your skincare routine throughout the year, making sure to treat issues as soon as they come up and transitioning gently through routines rather than letting a full flare up take hold before you tackle it.

When October hits, the dry, red patches, sensitivity and irritation arrive like clockwork. To undo summer damage, start interspersing a rich cleansing component (like a cleansing balm or oil) alongside a clarifying cleanser (like a milk or foam), add deeply moisturising day creams and introduce specialist oils for skin treatment that include things like Vitamin C, Cucumber and Shea butter for extra moisture and protection.

4. Getting a glow is hard

Points one and two are big players here. Dead and dry skin = zero glow. Seasonal dullness is prevalent and you need to use your skincare routine to encourage a little rejuvenation. If you're one of those people who really feels the change in season - tiredness, stress and low mood - then this will likely make your skin look and feel the same too. Serums and oil blend products are a great pep up to apply before a daily moisturiser or night cream and can work wonders on fighting free radicals and increasing blood flow for cell regeneration which encourages more of a dewy glow. It's definitely worth treating yourself to face masks more regularly over Autumn and Winter too, either purchased or made at home. We've a couple of easy DIY recipes here if you'd like to have a go at home.

This is also a good time to take care of yourself from within. Drink plenty of water, eat nourishing foods and exercise a little each day if you can; all of these feed into our inner health which is reflected in the skin.


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