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We're Introducing Plastic...

Our goals as a business all lead towards two things: happy customers with happy skin, and to being as sustainable as possible, but we're introducing plastic...

What are the new products?

So far our collection of skincare products encompass some key essentials, but over the last six months we've been working on two new formulations that are more specific skincare treatment products. We're continuing the development of our natural, plant-based and nature-derived range to provide a more targeted solution to the most common skin concerns.

The first product is the Revitalise Serum, this is a 100% plant oil product designed to boost your skincare routine on days when your skin might be feeling a little tired, dull or upset. It's a rich mix of carrier oils and actives that include Evening Primrose, Camellia and Strawberry Seed oils that moisturise, protect and soothe skin. It's designed to be used as a standalone product, or as a booster mixed in with your usual daily moisturiser.

The second is a nighttime treatment, the Nox Elixir. This is a potent plant-based formulation designed to more deeply tackle struggling skin, or give a regular boost. Working in tandem with your skin’s natural overnight repair system it has powerful plant-based ingredients that soothe, repair and protect skin at it's optimum recovery time - during sleep.

Why are we using a plastic cap when the rest of our business is plastic-free?

As these products are pure oils, and designed to be used in very small amounts (meaning the 30mls goes a long way!) the way the product is dispensed needs to be a careful measure. The dropper system reduces both the amount of product wasted and the overuse on skin but these caps are incredibly hard to find plastic-free. The combination of glass tube and rubber squeezing mechanism, manufacturing the whole system without a plastic-free cap is difficult.

You can guarantee we'll be first in line when a plastic-free option is available to us.

In the meantime...

These pipette dropper caps are recyclable and compostable, they just take a little more effort on the part of the user. Below you can see the anatomy of our pipettes:

To recycle, the three parts need to be separated. Both the glass tube and plastic cap can go into your household recycling. We chose a recycled white cap as white plastic is more easily picked out by the sorting machines at recycling facilities, whereas black plastic, especially when small, can be missed and sent to landfill. This type of plastic is labelled as PP, or has the number 5 recycling symbol as you see above. This plastic is called polypropylene and is the same type of plastic as yoghurt pots or butter tubs. The rubber tip can usually go into your household recycling too, but you should check with your local council just in case. As a natural material, rubber is compostable, but it's a complex raw material that can take several years to biodegrade.

The best thing you can do with your dropper cap once your product is finished, either by restocking with the refill version [LINK] that has a recyclable aluminium cap, or using it on another product you purchase, or even for a DIY.

As a small, growing business, we are not perfect, but we are constantly looking for ways we can improve and evolve. Thank you for joining us on the journey!

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