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Small Sustainable Swaps for a New Decade

The start of a new year often comes with new resolutions or new intentions, so as we begin a new decade, how can we live more sustainably?

If you're new to it - here's 5 (affordable) swaps that can ease you into more sustainable living:

1. Reduce food waste

Try to work out exactly what you need, plan meals ahead of time and work out what's in season. Cutting food waste is a great way to cut your carbon footprint too, by avoiding food going into landfill, you're preventing it decomposing into methane which is 28x more damaging for the climate than carbon dioxide.

2. Switch to bulk food stores wherever possible

Although some items can be a little more expensive in some bulk foods stores, if you are only buying what you need you actually spend less each time. By shopping at bulk food stores, you cut out 100% of the plastic packaging.

3. Eat less meat

Baby steps = meat-free Mondays, but how about heading to a vegetarian restaurant and trying some new dishes? The best way to work out what you enjoy is to try low impact foods like beans and grains to replace meat in your usual recipes - top tip: three bean and sweet potato lasagne is epic! The diet of a vegetarian causes only half the emissions of a meat-eater's diet; for example, eating beef once a week results in an annual beef consumption footprint of 604kg but if you switched that to beans instead, the footprint is reduced to just 7kg/year. Find out the impact of other foods you eat on this great calculator on the BBC.

4. Avoid single-use. And not just plastic.

When we say single-use we often now think of plastic - cups, cutlery, bags... but what about things like kitchen roll (which in our opinion is way too expensive anyway), or napkins? Do you use cotton pads to remove make up? Think about switching to fabric alternatives, and when doing so look for those that are organic cotton or a plant-based fabric.

(There's a chance we'll be able to help you with some of these very soon, stay tuned!)

5. Find a low-impact hobby this year

If you're usually the retail therapy type, then how about discovering something a little more creative and a little less wasteful? Create yourself a Pinterest and have a go at making candles, your own body lotion (our Recipes section can help you there), or a breakfast granola. You may even discover a DIY swap to help you further on your sustainable journey!

Want to share your own sustainable tips and tricks with us? Leave us a comment or send us a message on social!


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