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Reusable Face Wipes - Daisy

Reusable Face Wipes - Daisy

SKU: 0062

These 100% organic cotton make up wipes are soft, gentle and the perfect accessory to your cleansing routine. They're double-sided with a soft sweet pea gauze on one side and a fluffy towelling on the other.


They're great for using with an oil cleanser to wipe away excess make up, with a liquid product, like our Cleansing Milk, for cleasing, or just to use to wipe damp skin at the end of your wash.


Each pack contains 5 wipes which can be washed up to 40° in the washing machine. Depending on how much product you're washing off, we recommend using each one for 2-3 days before putting through the wash, just simply rinse out and squeeze between each use.


Fine Details:

Each wipe measures approximately 12.5 x 12.5 cm and is packaged with a single band paper label.

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100% organic cotton

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