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An Alcoholic Glow: Why Beer is a Treat for Skin

Hold your beers everyone, because this weekend is about to become a whole lot better... We bring you, beer face masks!

Yes, that's right, this post is a key info short covering two excellent face mask recipes in which beer is aptly included, as we’re sure you’re all going to have a bottle in hand whilst soaking in this glorious weather! 

Surprisingly, beer is actually very good for our skin, it includes an array of amazing benefits and properties. One of those is the presence of B vitamins. B vitamins promote a balance in hormone production, which in turn reduces the dry, flaky skin we encounter with acne and are typically found in any generic moisturiser. The antioxidants found in beer also bring out the skin's natural glow; who needs highlighter when you have beer, right? 

So to help you get the good kind of alcoholic glow, here’s two super simple recipes that will make a sunday morning beer totally ok:

Beer and strawberry mask


  • Half a cup of beer

  • Handful of strawberries

  • Squeeze of lemon juice

How To:

  • Blend, or mash strawberries with a fork

  • Add the beer and lemon

  • Apply like a paste to the skin

  • Sit back and relax for 10 minutes

  • Rinse

When mixed with lemon, beer cleanses the skin on a deeper level, dissolving dead skin cells and increasing the elasticity of the skin. The acidity found in strawberries cleanses the skin further by helping to clear pores and remove excess oil and sebum. When these three ingredients are added together, they make for an amazing, rejuvenating face mask. 

Beer and agave mask


  • Half a cup of beer

  • Quarter cup of agave syrup

How To:

  • Mix together in a bowl or mug

  • Rub into skin like a moisturiser until you have a sweet beery sheen

  • Leave for 10-15 minutes 

  • Rinse

This face mask is a lot more gentle on the skin, the agave nourishes and deeply moisturises, whilst the beer does all the cleansing. Agave syrup relieves any dryness and redness on the skin; its antimicrobial properties also work well with the beer to gently cleanse and clear pores. 

So this weekend, why not indulge in a new way to appreciate your beer? You’ll be enjoying the weather, drinking a cold one and looking good whilst doing it in no time!


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