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The Best Essential Oils for Sleep

It's been hot, it's been rainy, and lockdown-freedom changes have been taking us for a ride again. We're not alone in experiencing broken sleep lately so we've compiled a list of gorgeous plant oils that naturally help you sleep.

Essential oils are a big part of our products at Scintilla, as well as creating wonderful natural fragrances, the oils have many properties that are hugely beneficial for our skin. There's a great crossover between skincare and aromatherapy, both being vehicles to improving our wellness. Sleep is one of the fundamental pillars of our wellness and we all know how a bad night's sleep can affect our mood, routine and energy.

So if you're looking for a little helping hand with sleep, or just want to introduce a few more moments of calm read on our our recommendations.

Lavender is one of the most used essential oils for sleep, it's used in sprays, pulse balms, creams and even directly onto pillowcases. Studies have shown that Lavender increases slow-wave sleep, which in turns slows the heartbeat and relaxes the muscles. This means we sleep more peacefully, resulting in more energy and boosted mood the following morning. You can use Lavender in whichever way you feel best, it's worth starting with something like a hand or gentle face cream, or even a pillow mist to ensure that it works for you and you don't find the smell too overpowering.

If you find the florals of Lavender quite strong, and some do, then a citrussy end of the spectrum could work better. Bergamot is a more earthy citrus, as some of the sharper oils like lemon can been too much for evening-time. Great for setting a relaxed mood at any time of day, a low dose, or dilution of Bergamot can induce a sense of calm before sleeping. Its aroma has sedative qualities that ease us into a quality sleep.

Ylang Ylang is another more floral oil that helps to induce sleep, lower stress and anxiety, and cortisol levels. Some do find Ylang has a "dirty" note to it, with deep earthy tones some it's one to try lightly, and it actually blends very well with Lavender which raises the top notes to be more refreshing.

Best blended with a carrier oil, Sweet Marjoram is often used by people looking for a natural answer to insomnia. It also has sedative qualities and induces relaxation, tension and stress both mental and muscular.

Used in aromatherapy products by brands like Neal's Yard and Neon, Frankincense is a super calming oil which is a great accompaniment for evening meditation or a pre-bed diffuser. Another oil that can be divisive, with some finding the scent too strong and earthy, if diluted it can throw a gentle scent around your bedroom.

It's important to note that just one night probably won't do the trick, like making adjustments in any routine consistency is key but you'll find after a couple of weeks your brain will start to connect the fragrance with winding down and your sleep will come more naturally.

Please note, this is not medical advice, but a form of aromatherapy that can assist with better sleep. Each person's circumstance is different so do bear in mind that what works for some many not work for you! But a calming essential oil blend can't hurt can it?!


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