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Your Autumn Skincare Update

It's official, we can start wearing cute jackets and boots again now! Cosy season is here! Evenings are darker (mornings are darker, ugh), cups of tea, warm pastries, over-sized scarves and cinnamon flavoured everything is IN.

We're easily swayed to update our Autumn wardrobes, but how many of us update our Autumn skincare? Yep, it's a thing. Just as you wrap your body up for colder weather, you should do the same for your skin - especially your face.

So here's a few things to start incorporating into your Autumn/Winter regime:


Winter dries our skin as equally as badly as summer does so it's important to keep up your exfoliation routine. In summer you can opt for a slightly rougher exfoliant, in winter we recommend keeping it gentle but regular. You want to look for something that has fruit oils in which will help treat the skin during exfoliation.

That goes for lips too, and our bestselling Berry Lip Scrub will be your actual saviour. Don't love it 'til you try it!


Battering winds and central heating are your skin's worst nightmare this season. Both of them dry skin out within a matter of days so it's important that you start using a moisturiser with some heavier oils as soon as temperatures drop low enough to wear a coat. This hydration barrier also helps protect the skin against things like wind burn and heat-caused rosacea. Our Daily Face Cream feels pretty light, but it's a great one to use if you don't like using a thick moisturising cream as although it's a more lotion-textured formula it is full of nut oils that give that lasting hydration. For top up hydration throughout the day, buy or DIY a mist (like Rosewater) to spritz on mid-afternoon.


A multi-purpose balm is ideal for Autumn. You can use it on your lips, nose, dry patches of skin and it will help protect and recover skin that's struggling to make the transition between seasons. If you work in an office where it's artificially heated, or even just overheated without a flow of fresh air, this is a good product to have on your desk. If you want to stick to nighttime treatment to leave your make up undisturbed, look for an oil-based serum like a simple Vitamin C concentrate or one with some fruit seed oils to do that same job while you sleep.


There is no season like winter for a face mask. Whether it's clay-based or a sheet mask, they're excellent for a thorough cleanse and a good dose of hydration. It'll treat your delicate-feeling skin and give it a little oomph for facing the next day.



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